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A hole appears in the middle of the living room of a couple's apartment. They are mystified by the nature of the hole, and quickly become obsessed with it, using the hole as a distraction from the crushing misery of their everyday lives. But the hole keeps growing larger...

The Hole

A woman is desperately trying to get home to the one she loves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Will she make it home? And what will she find if she gets there?

Ophelia  Walking Home

 A girl rides the subway every day. It is where she feels most at home, and most free. But her tranquility may be ruined forever when she sees a terrible attack taking place before her eyes. She doesn't owe anyone anything, but can she bring herself to ignore what she sees? This story was shortlisted for the Grand Prize at the Alice Munro Short Story Festival in 2016.


 A high school girl is lost, in every sense of the word. She focuses all her anger and confusion into one place, onto one person and perhaps rightly so. Taking her father’s gun from its hiding place in his bedroom safe, she plans the unthinkable. But it’s not revenge she has planned, it’s redemption.

Eyes Like  Marigolds

After a calamitous event sends the world into upheaval, a small band of survivors holes up together, hoping to last the winter. They are secure in the large house they’ve taken over, but food is rapidly running out. Each of the survivors must come to terms with what they are truly willing to do in order to survive.

Winter Palace

 In a dark, dystopian future, two young girls cling to one another for safety and survival. For the entirety of their short lives they have been taught that men are the enemy, the danger, and are never to be trusted. But when their lives are on the line, can they learn to trust a new ally, even if he is a man? A 13-part episodic e-novella, reader discretion is advised.

what was left

In this flash fiction, Kara didn't want to move to the city with her girlfriend, and she hates it now that's she's there. Is she losing perspective of why she was willing to do it in the first place? After yet another fight, Kara goes out behind the building for a cigarette, where she finds the last thing she expected...

None So Blind
Coming soon... Coming soon... Coming soon... From The Chimney It Came...

In this Christmas story, a young boy is visited by Santa’s dark alter ego Krampus for being naughty… but everything may not be as it seems…

From The Chimney  It Came...

An 80's-style throwback to cheesy, gory horror. A group of recent high school graduates celebrate with a camping trip into the wilderness, but an uninvited guest reminds them that they can’t escape their past.

Travis West Writer